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BAEX IT Support Plans

Pay as You Go
No Monthly Fee
Time and Material
Fee: $160/hr
on site: min. 1.5 hrs
remote: min. 0.5 hrs.
Server: $300/mo.
Workstation: $55/mo.
on site: min. 1.5 hrs
remote: NO CHARGE
Discounted Fee: $120/hr
Server: $600/ mo.
Workstation: $80/mo.
on site: NO CHARGE
remote: NO CHARGE.
Discounted Fee: $120/hr
Data Protection – Local backups (the most critical area for all businesses) Time and Material Regular backup monitoring and trial restore Regular backup monitoring and trial restore
Data Protection – Cloud Backup Time and Material Time and Material Unlimited backup of information on workstations and Servers. Cloud backup monitoring
Priority Response Time Best efforts 30 min. or less 15 min. or less
24x7 System Monitoring optional
Remote access to all your systems & devices
Real Time Critical Performance Monitoring (keeping your system performance optimized) optional optional
Protection Against Outside Threats Antivirus Antivirus Antivirus; Swift response to ransomware
Dedicated IT Engineer
Website Protection/ Hardening optional optional
Website SEO and PPC marketing optional optional optional
Regular Software Updates to All Managed Computers optional
Hardware and Software Procurement at Aggressive Pricing optional
Liaison With Third Party IT Equipment Providers optional
Liaison With Third Party IT Service Providers optional
Quarterly CIO Sessions with Stakeholders optional optional
IT Strategy and Future Planning optional
Network Connectivity Issues optional
IT Policies and Documentation optional

* Plans can be modified to suit your needs. Special one time projects will be billed separately

Out of Scope – not included in the plans:

The following items are not included as part of the plans. We will provide a quote upon request.

  • Reinstallation of existing machines
  • Setup and upgrades of the infrastructure
  • Installation of custom software and business specific applications.
  • Website and application development
  • Installation and support of additional equipment (A/V equipment, biometric scanners, security cameras etc.)
  • On site support outside of the main office location or outside of named satellite offices.