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GTA Company’s Website Delivering Hate Speech.

Fortunately the caller was a procurement agent who was regularly buying supplies from our client. That day, he was opening the usual ordering pages and couldn’t believe his eyes: Instead of finding the products, there were pictures and slogans with religious extremist views. To make matters worse, some of the links were infected with a virus. Fortunately the antivirus software caught them before doing more damage.

Our client, the GTA supply company, had their website developed years earlier by a known website developer and the site resided outsourced on the server of a well known internet provider.
When we examined the source code it turned out that the virus and malware was penetrating most of the site and 12 pages had been hijacked to show extremist contents. There were backups of the site, but even the earliest backups were infected.
It was very difficult to rescue this site. Basically we had to recreate a new site, but some of the information was lost forever. Nobody knows how much reputation and business was lost.
Today, with the site completely redone and hardening and monitoring by BAEX is in place, this client can rest assured this would never happen to him again.

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