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Which Of The Following IT Risks And Hassles Is Your Company Exposed To?

(Bet you didn’t even know some of them exist, but some of them either cost you money right now or could cost you catastrophic damages at some point later.)

1.Data loss: Data loss is the most critical area for all businesses

Chances are, you are having some form of data backup. When did you perform a trial data restore last? Are you sure it is complete and your data can be restored easily and without loss, within minutes? Studies and our experience show that many times data restores simply fails. Don’t find out when it is too late! BAEX protects not only your data, but also your business continuity.

2.Computer downtime

Your systems fail always when you need them, just when you cannot afford downtime. Be prepared. BAEX responds within 15 minutes to get you back up and running. We guarantee it.

3.Inefficiencies and SLOOOW computers

How often do you hear a service rep tell you that their computers are slow today? Isn’t that annoying for you as a customer? We hope you never hear one of your employees say that.

All offices have little inefficiencies that do waste your employees’ time and your money. You’ll need BAEX.

4.Outside threats: Hacking, Ransomware, Email spoofing, Spyware, Privacy Theft, Espionage

How safe are your data? Do you know how many leaks your system has?

5.Your IT service provider gives you only tiered access to IT help

When you need help with your IT systems, you’ll need to reach the correct person right away. You don’t want to be handed from Tier 1 support to Tier 2 and so on. BAEX puts you through directly to your dedicated IT engineer, the specialist who is familiar with your system.


Applications and periphery often don’t intersect well. Does your client database synchronize with your mobile phone, seamlessly and securely? Does your new bar code scanner print the codes correctly onto your label printer with the correct price? Does your accounting software receive data directly from your billing modules? We bet a lot can be improved in your current setup.

7.Website hijacking

How secure is your website from illegal use through third parties? Your website design may make it vulnerable. Your website may be used by third parties and when called up, give an error message (and you lose clients, or sales), or display different information than you intended. It may even redirect or serve malicious code or illegal content. Your company is liable. Your reputation is severely damaged. Imagine the damage this could cause to your company. … well, that was a rhetorical question...

8.Incorrect privacy settings

Do you have security cameras that you can check online? Does your business have online monitoring capabilities? Have you ever searched for unsecured IP webcams? Hopefully you didn’t find your internal cams open to the web. There are hundreds of thousands of unsecured systems that can be watched by third parties without problems on the internet. One particular case was a pharmacy showing the faces of the customer on the security camera while they were buying their prescription drugs. Ready for everyone on the internet to see. These vulnerabilities are often due to incorrect security settings. Someone forgot to click the right checkmark.

9.Inside threats

How well are your data protected from your staff? How do you ensure data aren’t being leaked or erased by disgruntled employees? Many systems give too much access to unauthorized staff.

10.Lack of internet use supervision

How do you know what your staff is using your systems for? Using your servers for private online business? Spending paid hours watching funny youtube videos?

11.Lack of compliance with regulators

Are your systems compliant with applicable legislation? Privacy, industry specific standards like Payment Card Industry, PCI, FCA, software licenses. Are you contravening some of the rules? There is a risk. BAEX is helping.

12.High fees for IT support

After hour charges, emergency charges, overtime charges, etc. can add up to stifling fees. Are you protected? Our Plans give you certainty…


They are really fast, which is so important for us. When we have an issue, many times a live person picks up and starts working on the issue within minutes. They often solve it within one hour. … and their fees are very reasonable.

Nurul Syed, Expert Manufacturing Inc. CTO

I have the cell phone of the engineer and I can reach him day or night. Even when he is out of the country he starts fixing our problems remotely with screen connect. We’ve been using them for over 10 years and I have nothing but good things to say. I can rely on them 100%.

Fred French, Northern Reflections, CIO

They are friendly and smiley, but technically very detailed. When you give them a project, they let you know how it should be done and what can be left out, saving you money. They focus on the solution. Then they get to work and take care of every detail. Many times the job is done ahead of timeline and there is nothing to worry about for me. We’ve had other providers before who charged more and were less responsive. It is good to have them on board. I would say their charges are low.

Chris Cordero, Nuter corp. CEO

Before we hired them, we had lots of bad experiences of long downtime, slow response rate, and poorly set up IT infrastructure. When they took over, they simplified our setup and installed a rock solid backup solution that tests flawless. Now we barely have to call them, but they just recently protected our system from the ransomware threat … all without us even knowing. Our IT cost is very reasonable. I would pay double for this peace of mind. I can highly recommend them.

Shawn Martin, Martin Developments Inc. President and CEO

They are right there when you need them and take on the job. We’ve been dealing with larger companies and were put on hold forever, just to find out that the person on the phone can’t help at all and they pass you to the next who passes the buck to the third person. With BAEX this never does happen. We have the cell phone number of “our” engineer and he knows our system and gives advice and fixes problem instantly. He even negotiates for us with the vendors of third party products. We don’t need an in-house IT person anymore. We’re getting a service that is 100%. They are part of our team.

Ken Bart, MEDEC Distribution, Managing Partner

They are very reliable and their fees are extremely fair. They look at your systems and recommend what you need, instead of giving you unnecessary or expensive solutions. When we had a server breakdown they were able to get the system up and running within 2 hours from their backups. We had almost no downtime at all.

Mike Lamar, PE, General Manager

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